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Knotted headband adult by Lykketing

mandag 24. juli 2017

I love these knotted headbands, but I could not find any patterns for myself - so I had to make a pattern :) This fits perfectly for me - my head measures 22 inches.

I have to thank my son for helping me making this pattern printable 😘

I have never made a pattern before, and I probably won´t do it again 😂  Creds to you guys who do 😍

OK, first of all you need to download the pattern:

Before you hit print, make sure the printer is set at 100 %:

Then you cut out the two pattern pieces, and tape them together with no overlap:

Now you will need fabric, I use fabric with stretch. You will need two pieces each measures 86 x 9 cm / 33 x 3,5 inches.

Fold the fabric and cut out two identical pieces, remember to add seam allowance:

Now pin the two pieces together with the right sides of the fabrics facing each other:

Remember to leave a 2-3 cm / 1 inch opening:

Then sew all the way around with a stretchy seam, start and stop by the marks.
Make a knot in the ends of the thread if you use an overlock:

Then turn the whole headband right side out through the whole:

Fold the seamallowence in the whole:

Then sew a few stiches by hand:

Tada! Then you are all done! You can iron the headband for a better fit.

Now you can make matching headbands for all the clothes you are sewing 👌

PS: It would be great to see your results, mark your IG pictures with #lykketing so I can find them.

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